Training program for business angels

Investing in startups often turns out to be much more complex than it may seem at first glance, and it generally involves a high degree of risk.

Training courses for professional angel investors
You need to know a lot to be successful as a business angel: How do I guarantee a high-quality deal flow? What is the methodology behind efficient startup analysis? How do I professionally monitor and manage my portfolio? These are important topics you will learn in our early stage investment training program. The program is modular and very flexible. The course  is divided into two parts: during the first part – “pre-investment” – participants will learn how to set up a professional investment process and how to implement it, followed by financial planning methodologies and major contract terms negotiations. The second part – “post-investment” – revolves around the necessary steps once the investment has been made. It includes modules such as exercises and mediation methods for the active portfolio management, business development, follow-on financing and the successful exit strategies. The course is suitable both for active investors who want to refine their expertise and their methodological skills, as well as for first time angels.

The world’s first ISO certification for business angels
Our classes can also be attended in order to prepare for the world’s first business angels ISO certification, the “Certified Business Angel (CBA)”. The CBA serves as a seal of quality for startups as well as for fellow (co-)investors. It consists of a written exam and an oral presentation, carried out by the WKO quality academy Incite.

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