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    Frequently asked questions and answers

The BAI is glad to help you with advice and support. We have already collected the most frequently asked questions here. However, if a question remains unanswered, you can simply contact us. 

I am a startup looking for funding / I am an investor looking for target companies. Can you connect me?

Sorry, we focus on research and education for investors, not match-making. However, you will find such services at some of our partner organizations.

Given your reach and good name, can we do some political advocacy work together?

While we are always happy to help the whole early-stage ecosystem along in a variety of ways, we don’t provide lobbying services.

When will your training be available in my country?

It probably already is. First, large parts of our training program (home study materials, practice instructions, feedback, remote coaching) have been designed so that you can use them pretty much wherever you are. As for the face-to-face parts (the masterclasses), even if they are not happening in your country yet right now, we are actively rolling out our program internationally. So please contact us to let us know you’re interested because we prioritize countries with the most demand. Finally, please note that we also provide custom courses, so if you are not alone but a group, we can organize one for you practically anywhere in the world. (Or even help you to offer such a program yourself in your country!)

How do i get a discount for the BAI Courses?

As we are supporting different interested parties, like for example students or virgin business angels, we are pleased to offer you special discounts on our courses. Please contact us.

Where can I find the course dates of the CBA Program?

Our courses are all digital available. You can book the whole CBA-Program, separate modules or expert sessions all online.

Do you offer special trainings for companies?

We offer the CBA program or individual modules also for companies. We would be pleased to train your employees on-site in your company. We offer this type of company training from a minimum of 10 participants. For detailed questions, please contact us!

How can I become a licensee of BAI?

If you would like to become a licensee of BAI and offer our program in your country, you have to complete the Train-the-Trainer course with us. In this course you will get all the knowledge you need to sell the CBA program in your country and will receive all the knowledge of angel investing.

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Do you have any questions?

Write us an email at program@businessangelinstitute.org We are pleased to help you!