• Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct for CBAs

Certified Business Angels are expected to abide by this code of conduct which is based on the code of the working group proEthik.

  1. Certified Business Angels undertake to look after the interests of their clients with the utmost care and diligence.
  2. Their behaviour towards other entrepreneurs will be as they expect to be treated themselves by an upright entrepreneur.
  3. For Certified Business Angels, the balance between the client’s and their own satisfaction has the highest priority. In order to reach this goal, the highest level of professionalism, knowledge and use of up-to-date technology, adaptation to the client’s needs, as well as a quick performance of the contract and correct behaviour towards the clients, are all absolute necessities.
  4. Certified Business Angels will avoid raising the client’s expectations, either through conscious actions or neglect, regarding their products as well as their ability and readiness to perform that are not realistic. They take care to bring their public relations work in line with the generally accepted basic values of our society.
  5. All actions that serve to fulfil a contract are in conformity with existing laws and regulations.
  6. All obligations taken on will be met based on the principles of observance of the contract, correctness, honesty, transparency and professionalism.
  7. If Certified Business Angels learn about circumstances that – even without their own fault – might endanger the fulfilment of the contract as arranged, they will immediately inform the client of this.
  8. If they learn about circumstances that might result in the fulfilment of the contract as arranged becoming detrimental to the client’s interests, they immediately have to inform and warn the client.
  9. Certified Business Angels are sworn to secrecy concerning anything the client entrusts them with and all other matters they learn about whose concealment is in the interest of the client. In particular, they do not pass on any information on the client and the client’s behaviour, irrespective of whether they receive payment for it.
  10. This secrecy obligation is not effective if there might be adverse effects on, or risk to, the life, physical integrity, freedom or property of third parties that involve criminal liability.
  11. Certified Business Angels embrace open competition in accordance with the relevant legal framework.
  12. If a Certified Business Angel in fulfilling a contract cooperates with another company, it accepts the latter as an equal partner and treats it with respect. If the member realises, however, that the client’s interests might be negatively affected by the partner, it will take suitable measures to avert this danger. Thus, it avoids cooperating with companies known to be unreliable.
  13. Certified Business Angels do not use any illegal or dishonest means in order to get hold of information, business, public contracts or information about competitors’ trade secrets. If an employee of another company were to offer such information to a Certified Business Angel, the member will not accept this but will immediately inform the management of the said company.
  14. Certified Business Angels do not discriminate against a person on the grounds of age, health, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, origin, language, race, skin colour, ethnicity or nationality, religious or political views and membership in a social group.

All Certified Business Angels are expected to implement these rules in their day-to-day business life and to refrain from any behaviour that might be able to undermine the public’s faith in this code.