• Participants

    Who benefits from the training program

The combination of financial investment with active support (“smart money”) explains the need for a unique skill set within a changing regulatory environment. This is why the Business Angel Institute organizes a specialized training program.

Our services are designed first of all for individuals who invest directly into small but growth-oriented companies. Even experienced angels will significantly expand their horizons and hone their methods, while newcomers (who have not made such investments at all yet) will gain a thorough understanding of the whole process. Such individuals come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including:

  • High net worth individuals
  • Successful entrepreneurs willing to take stakes in other companies
  • Career managers considering investing in startups
  • Experienced investors realizing that staying successful requires the latest knowledge

Closely related are representatives of organizations dealing with early-stage investment issues similar to those of angels. Such organizations are for instance:

  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Family offices, wealth managers, and private bankers
  • Corporations looking for new paths to innovation

Finally, representatives of the surrounding service industry will benefit from a better understanding of the processes and issues involved in early-stage investing. Examples are:

  • Lawyers and tax advisers
  • Consultants, coaches, business developers