In October 2019 we had the pleasure to welcome the team of the Saudi Arabian consulting company ERTYAD in Vienna, who completed the training “Train-the-Trainer” with us for 3 days.

Through our licensee, Ertyad, the certified training program is available in the Saudi Arabian Market.

This CBA Program is a certified training program following international standards. It is the first ISO personal certification worldwide for investors. The training program provides investors with the necessary knowledge and professional skills. This should also lower the entry barriers for angel investments and increase odds if successful growth stories.

Certified Business Angel Program Course

Berthold Baurek-Karlic trains the Team of the Saudi Arabian consulting company Ertyad.

This is already the second international partnership for the Business Angel Institute. The Dutch market is being developed in cooperation with NEXT Amsterdam.

“We are now ready for scaling up and as Ertyad shows, there is a growing demand worldwide for know-how in start-up investments”, says Herwig Rollett, President of the Business Angel Institute.

If you are interested in getting a licensee, give us a hint and contact us.

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