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Business Angel Institute and Hochschule Fresenius Form Strategic Partnership to Foster European Start-up Ecosystem

The Business Angel Institute (BAI) is thrilled to announce a significant strategic collaboration with the prestigious Hochschule Fresenius. This partnership surely achieves a milestone in advancing the European start-up ecosystem. Both institutions obviously demonstrate their commitment to promoting high-quality education and innovation.

Strengthening and Developing the European Start-up Ecosystem

As leading educational institutions for aspiring entrepreneurs, business angels, and investors, the Business Angel Institute, based in Vienna, and Hochschule Fresenius with the PioneerLab (DE) have entered a long-term partnership to combine their resources and develop educational initiatives aimed at further fortifying the start-up ecosystem in Europe. The newly established educational facility, the PioneerLab Entrepreneur Academy, will provide various certificate programs and online masterclasses tailored for entrepreneurs and early-stage investors. The inaugural module will commence in December at the headquarters of HS Fresenius in Idstein. Renowned experts will conduct the first masterclasses, set to go live online in February 2024.

Business Angel Institute & Fresenius: Sharing Knowledge and Experience for European Progress

Mag. Berthold Baurek-Karlic, Secretary General and Co-Founder of the Business Angel Institute, will of course be among these experts sharing their insights and experience with interested entrepreneurs and prospective business angels. Thus he expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “The partnership with Hochschule Fresenius holds immense significance for the Business Angel Institute. For over 175 years, Hochschule Fresenius has epitomized top-tier education and continuous development. This collaboration allows us to disseminate our expertise and experience further. Together, our aim is to bolster and evolve the European start-up ecosystem, driving economic progress in Europe.”

For over a decade, the Business Angel Institute has been committed to nurturing business angels and fostering a well-founded knowledge base in the field of early-stage investments. With the world’s first ISO-certified Business Angel Program โ€“ the Certified Business Angel (CBA) โ€“ the institute provides comprehensive training and support for investors, start-ups, and professionals in the service industry.

PioneerLab Entrepreneur Academy: A New Era for Entrepreneurs and Investors

The PioneerLab Entrepreneur Academy, in which the renowned Business Angel Institute serves as the content partner, is part of the state-recognized Hochschule Fresenius Education Group (CHFEG), comprising 62 locations in Germany and a recently opened site in Vienna, Austria.

Given these points the collaboration with Hochschule Fresenius and the establishment of the PioneerLab Entrepreneur Academy open new avenues to promote the know-how and skills of aspiring entrepreneurs and investors through training sessions, certificate programs, and online masterclasses. The goal of this endeavor is to continually improve quality standards in the startup ecosystem. The success formula lies in practical training encompassing tools and processes in startup investments, building a personal venture portfolio, fundamental aspects of venture capital, and angel investing, along with various participation strategies. Entrepreneurs can expand their knowledge in growth financing, financial modeling, growth hacking, decision-making under uncertainty, team development, and acquisition strategies.

The Business Angel Institute is undoubtly proud to be part of this collaboration, fitting into the long-standing success story of PioneerLab’s entrepreneurship promotion at Hochschule Fresenius. With this intention continue the successful tradition of nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, thereby securing prosperity in Europe.

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