Launch of the Business Angel Institute

The Business Angel Institute professionalize angel investors through research, education and networking.

During today’s EBAN Congress the new Business Angel Institute is officially launched and presented. Founded and sponsored by Venionaire Capital, the Institute is an international organization located in Vienna, where this year’s Congress is held. The Institute

  • approaches the subject of business angels on a scientific level
  • promotes an international exchange of experience
  • and provides further education to existing and future business angels.

“Alternative forms of financing and angel investments are becoming ever more important for funding companies. Therefore, we look at business angels and their relationship with startups from a scientific perspective”, explains Dr. Herwig Rollett, president of the Business Angel Institute. The Institute’s establishment is also geared at making angel investments more widely known as a source of funding.

The scientific quality is ensured by an academic advisory board endorsed by experts such as: Prof. Grichnik (St. Gallen), Prof. Baldauf (Bern), Prof. Fink (Linz and Cambridge) and Prof. Friebe (Munich) as well as through institutional partnerships, among them the i2 Business Angel Network, CTI Invest, Junge Industrie and the Austrian Angel Investors Association.

New course for “Certified Business Angels” starting in autumn

In addition to its scientific approach, the Institute is designed to help the business angel community on a very practical level. “We want to increase the growth of the sector. Through our educational offers, we support that growth, but at the same time we make business angels sustainably successful. This obviously helps both investors and startups”, emphasizes Rollett. The centerpiece of this strategy is the Institute’s comprehensive Certified Business Angel (CBA) course, which professionalizes existing business angels, enables new angels to begin investing by providing them with a more solid foundation through targeted courses, and makes the field more accessible to related groups such as lawyers, notaries and consultants.