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4 Important Venture Capital Trends (2022-2024)

In the first quarter of 2022, global venture funding totaled an estimated $195 billion. And it’s no secret that the venture capital arena is hotter than ever. Which means trends in this space impact which companies and sectors will be dominant for years to come. If you want to see the most important trends impacting […]

Business Success: Talent, Skills, or What?

Have you ever asked yourself the following question: Is succeeding as an entrepreneur a matter of luck or do only the talented ones make it? And this is our answer: Luck isn’t enough, and talent isn’t enough either. You can have either one, or even both, and still fail. What you’re missing, with your question, […]

The Largest Software Acquisition in History

Broadcom announced it will acquire VMWare for $70b, the largest software acquisition in history. Remarkably, this goliath union transpires during the deepest bear market of the last ten years. This merger also suggests a wave of acquisitions may punctuate 2022, in particular, take-privates. Public companies can’t hide from the 70% collapse in multiples the way startups […]