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Angel Investing: Matching Startup Funds with Startup Companies

They deliver more capital to entrepreneurs than any other source. And they often receive an incredible return on their investments. They’re angel investors, some of the most important–and least understood–players in business today. The United States has close to three million angels, whose investments in startups exceed $60 billion per year. Some of our most […]

How To Become A Business Angel

Becoming a successful angel Angel investors are the most important source of capital for UK companies seeking up to £2 million in funding. This importance to the British economy is recognised by the government, which means that attractive tax breaks are available to business angels. Added to this, helping start-up ventures with money and mentoring […]

The Angel Investor’s Handbook

Many of today’s high-net-worth investors are turning their attention to early-stage investing in emerging companies. They know just how successful and lucrative funding a start-up venture can be. Savvy angel investors can foresee distant but potentially huge returns from pre-IPO companies. There are scores of hungry entrepreneurs in search of capital and lots of money […]

Rejected investment opportunities

Titel: Austrian business angels and rejected investment opportunities. A Theoretical and Empirical Study. Author: Julia Inquart Date: 02/2015 Language: English Type: Master Thesis Thesis Coach: Prof. Dr. Matthias Fink University: Johannes Kepler University   Abstract/Excerpt The aim of the master thesis is to identify and figure out possible deal breakers in the screening and the due diligence phase of angel investments. Potential obstacles are analyzed in […]

Institutionalization of Business Angels

Titel: Die Institutionalisierung von Business Angels und dessen Auswirkungen auf Start-Ups im deutschsprachigen Raum Author: Julian Furthlener, BA Date: 12/2014 Language: German Type: Master Thesis Thesis Coach: Dr. Stefan Fink University: FH Oberösterreich   Abstract/Excerpt The funding of a start-up corporation often turns out to be a challenge for founders. Business angels are a possible source of funding. Those investors provide not […]

Training program for business angels

Investing in startups often turns out to be much more complex than it may seem at first glance, and it generally involves a high degree of risk. Training courses for professional angel investors You need to know a lot to be successful as a business angel: How do I guarantee a high-quality deal flow? What is the […]

Location, Location, Location

There is an old saying in real estate that the three most important factors are location, location, location. Given the hype around startup hubs, one might think that the same holds true for company and investment prospects. Lots of places around the world have been trying to position themselves as the next Silicon Valley (while […]

FFF – Family, Friends, Fools

Love Money vs. Smart Money Small start-ups are always in search for promising financial support. Usually there are two favored options, either to turn to family members and friends or to hire a Business Angel in order to get the business started. In other words we are speaking of love money adverse to smart money. […]

The Deals of VIPs – Celebrity 4 Equity

Celebrity 4 Equity is a big trend in the venture industry but why? Being famous opens doors to events, people, media and wealth. The combination of access to a great amount of capital, a worldwide network and experience of dealing with the public view through media is very attractive for fortunate entrepreneurs. Big businesses have […]