New Certified Business Angel: Thorben Schiborowski

Thorben Schiborowski, CBA successfully completed our training program 2016 and passed the exam as “Certified Business Angel” (CBA) – the world’s first certification of individual business angels (ISO 17024).  He officially received the certificate in March 2017 during the European Super Angels Club kickoff event at the Semper Constantia Privatbank in Vienna.

Thorben is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the convent energy GmbH. Since 2008, he developed the company to one of the leading German personnel service providers for the wind energy sector. Today, convent energy has more than 200 employees and generates more than 10m annual revenue. According to the magazine Focus, it is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany.

Thorben Schiborowski (on the left) was awarded with the title "Certified Business Angel".

Thorben Schiborowski (on the left) was awarded with the title “Certified Business Angel”. © Tom Roschanek

In December 2016, Thorben decided to end his active role within the company and handed over the position as CEO. He wants to fully dedicate his time helping new ideas to emerge and transforming them into successful businesses. Through our comprehensive training program, he prepared for his second career as a professional early stage investor. His investment focus is in the smart energy industry, offering founders not only cash but also his vast experience and network.

Thorben lives in Oldenburg, Germany. Before founding convent energy, he worked as a consultant at a personnel service provider and graduated in Business Administration at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.


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